Ideas You Can Use In Putting Up A Fall Wedding Theme

Thinking that it is awkward to celebrate your wedding in fall? Think again.

In fact, fall is the season that intimacy is most likely to arise. It is also the period when everyone just want to come home and spend more time with their families. You could take advantage of these two factors when considering the season for your wedding. In the following years, all you would want is the communion of everyone to celebrate with you the wedding you had several years past.

Fall is among the best seasons of the year for wedding. While the weather could not be exactly predicted, it would still be nice that you have wedded on a date when the fiery-colored leaves have fallen and everything is prepared for a long calm sleep in winter.

Fall wedding decors
The first thing you would want to do is to set the mood for your fall wedding theme. There are many options to answer this need. For example, you could hang lavish decorations using rich and bold fall colors such as red, orange, brown, or yellow. However, a more modern approach is to use dark chocolate shades with accents of beige or royal blue. This could really create good affects that would suit the entire theme and the season itself.

Fall wedding venue
One of the most common problem couples have is the venue of the wedding. If you are using a fall wedding theme, your best options would be an 18th century place, a vineyard, an apple orchard or an inn. In fact, any place that could help you settle with the fall foliage could be a good option.

Fall wedding flowers
Flowers could never go out of the norm in any wedding theme. Fall flowers are most likely composed of roses, mums, yarrow, and daisies including a rich blend of fall leaves. Each of these could be combined to provide the warmth that is characterized with the season.

Fall wedding attire
A selection of cream, off-white or even brown and green shades could be used as the main color for your wedding dress. Bridesmaids could look best with jeweltone attires while men could wear color shades that match the color of those worn by females.

A fall wedding theme doesn’t only suggest the use of colors that are typically linked with the season. You could also use various costume designs that would explore more into the meanings of the autumn season itself. You don't have to stick with conventional attires. Instead, you could use into the design of your clothes some resemblance of those worn by fairies. This would not only make a difference but would also create a whole new perspective of fall wedding theme.

Fall wedding cake
You don't have to follow the traditional sense of wedding cakes where ivory is the main color and everything else is text booked. You could always experiment on some new flavors of cakes and newer designs. Fall wedding cakes could take a form of anything that is related with fall, say a red-brown leaf. Yet, it could also be that you remove the wedding cake and replace it with a pumpkin, apple or any types of pies and breads.

Fall wedding favors
There are endless lists for wedding favors during this season. Among the most common are the pumpkin-inspired ones and anything related with fallen leaves. You can even provide your guest with a cake or two of your favorite fall bread or cake recipe.



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