Autumn Wedding Theme: Irony Between Gloom And Celebration

Probably not one of the typically chosen wedding themes but absolutely one that could be very appealing. Who would have thought of celebrating in the midst of underlying shades and shadows? But with a little creativity, you could always take advantage of the pleasure of celebrating your wedding amidst the falling leaves and the gloominess of the atmosphere.

But apart from the leaves that would renew in the coming days and the weather that would turn lighter in the next months, autumn is also marked with warmth and beauty that is beyond human expression.

Here are some suggestions for your autumn wedding theme:

Colors mark autumn wedding themes. Some of the best examples that you could use are those that could be found in the shades of nature itself during this season. The colors are normally characterized by rich and bold colors such as deep greens, gold, copper and creams, yellows, oranges and maroons and a couple of other shades that surround even the very reception wherein you would conduct your wedding ceremony. In fact, if you are to use an autumn wedding theme, you could take advantage of the natural setting the season projects. Such is the case of moderately arranged garden filled with fallen leaves and a spread of earth colors.

An autumn wedding theme would never be complete without the pumpkins. Why use flower vases if you could turn pumpkins into centerpieces?

Not only would an autumn wedding invitation accentuate your entire concept, it could also help set the mood for your wedding. There are several companies now that produce wedding invitations so be sure to check on any of them. However, if you are making your own wedding invitation, it would be a good idea to make use of elegant brown paper with embossed leaf or an image of leaves on top plus accents of gold and copper powder.

The ceremony doesn't necessarily have to follow the usual ones we could see in most weddings. Instead of making your flower girl drop petals of flowers, you could choose to use leaves for a change. A combination of choice leaves could add to the effects the fallen leaves in the grounds provide.

The costumes would also have to be in accordance with the theme. If you choose to use leaves as the primary object in all your wedding items, you must see the consistency in it. For example, your garland could be a mixture of leaves and flowers bonded around twigs and small branches.

The dress should also project the theme. It would be a good idea to look for something that is light with simple cuts yet projects a subtle elegance.

As for the males, you can always try something different without necessarily following the traditional wedding tuxedos. You adapt the fashion of the season and get something that could truly match your wedding theme.

Also, donít forget to use a shower of fire-colored leaves all over the place. You can buy artificial items from crafts shop or may collect natural leaves from chosen trees and plants. You could make use of some of the fruits and flowers commonly grown during this season.

Dreamy would describe an autumn wedding theme that could be emphasized by the choices of objects that are normally seen in an autumn setting. If your choices appeal to this kind of these, it would be best to plan your wedding during this season.



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